Did you know that fasting has been scientifically proven to not only be good for health, but to be effective for rejuvenating the body's cells as well? Researchers in southern California studying the effects of fasting discovered a "fasting-mimicking diet" that not onl...

Statin drugs lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of atherosclerosis which causes blockages in the arteries. In doing this they inhibit the mitochondria in the body's cells so the liver cannot produce so much cholesterol. This can injure the liver, so the doctor monit...

Research shows that sugar alone does not cause "sugar diabetes." Dr. James Anderson fed healthy volunteers a pound of sugar a day for 11 weeks with no change in their fasting blood sugar. Then he fed the same subjects a high-fat diet (65% calories from fat) and in just...

Neuroplasticity is the wonderful property our brains have to re-wire themselves. Science has discovered the brain's re-wiring activity can be guided or directed to overcome a variety of developmental deficits, including-- ready for this?-- learning disabilities and eve...

Science has discovered that our brains are not hard-wired like we thought they were but are quite plastic. It turns out that our brain is constantly re-wiring itself! Brain mapping reveals the wiring changes in days to weeks. Before surgical correction of syndactyly (f...

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