6 Benefits of Strength Training



Some people avoid strength training because they feel it really isn’t all that important. Or it will bulk them up like a body builder. But the reality is strength training is important. It is actually very important as a person ages because unfortunately age increases the rate at which we lose muscle mass. We want to keep what we do have strong! Bulking up is only a concern when you lift many hours or build muscle under a layer of body fat which will make you look larger! With a moderate level of strength training along with aerobic exercise and a healthy diet strength training may actually help you slim down!


Here are some of the benefits of strength training:

  1. Strengthens the bones. Resistance exercise has been found to help improve and prevent osteoporosis by increasing bone mass density.

  2. Raises the metabolism. The more lean muscle mass you have in your body the higher your metabolism runs – all the time even when you are sleeping!

  3. Increases muscle strength and muscle endurance – this can make everyday activities and aerobic exercise easier.

  4. Guards against injury. Stronger muscles are capable of taking more workload and being able to handle it.

  5. May improve certain types of arthritis. Increased muscle mass means better supported joints.

  6. Helps even out muscle imbalances. Sometimes we overwork certain muscle groups through our occupation or hobbies and neglect other muscle groups. This can lead to a whole host of problems including posture issues and injuries.

It is important to have a strength training routine that includes exercises for each major muscle group with special attention to weaker muscles. Ask a personal trainer to help you get started!

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