Balance to Fitness

Different activities will fit into more than just one type of #exercise; for example, some endurance activities help build strength, and some flexibility exercises also improve balance. But total #fitness should include all four of these main types applied consistently: #endurance, #strength, #balance, and #flexibility.


The goal is to mix the following types up to keep you motivated, engaged and healthy!

  • Exercises like brisk walking, or hiking improve heart, lung, and circulation health. They can make most daily activities safer, easier and more efficient.

  • Strength training like lifting weights or using resistance bands, can increase muscle strength and help with everyday tasks and injury prevention.

  • Did you know that the benefits of consistent moderate stretching are a well-kept secret? It’s true. If more people would spend a little time each day and complete a simple stretch routine, they would be amazed at how much better they felt and how beneficial to routine tasks would be!

  • Want to be steadier on your feet? While holding onto the back of a firm chair, stand on one leg at a time, hold for 15 to 30 seconds. Alternate legs several times, (adjust time and repetitions according to your ability). Doing daily balance exercise has been shown to help prevent inadvertent falls. Whether you are young or older, practicing balancing will reap long term benefits.


Let’s get moving!




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